The Ten Greatest Garbage Pail Kids Ever

So this story came on Sky about these old biddies somewhere who maintain some tradition regarding marbles and it was quite funny for various reasons but is however unfortunately not the point. Anyway the story made me say to Foal that it was lame how these people played marbles and that we used to play a way more fun looking way when we were at school. This then led me to say that the most awesome thing from when we were at school must surely have been Garbage Pail Kids, which Foal had never heard of. So off I went to find her whatever the Internets could offer me about them, and I didn’t look too hard but I guess this post must have been the best, The Ten Greatest Garbage Pail Kids Ever. Doesn’t that remind you so much of primary school? I remember being so amped to get there in the morning just so we could play. Awesome!!