School shootings

I was thinking about school massacres and ended up at YouTube, where I found this five part documentory about Columbine. Pretty hectic, especially the 911 call. I also found one about Virginia Tech, but there’s nothing really interesting about it. Just some loser kid who goes and kills a lot of people because he’s a dick. Watch the Columbine one though!

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

Part four.

Part five.

The complete 911 call from the library.


Extra information about the cafeteria bombs.

This unlucky (or maybe that should be “lucky”) lady survived both the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings!

Wave breaks this dudes back

perhaps this is a monumental fail, but i’ve never heard of james taylor. anyway, this is the story of the wave that broke his back whilst surfing, and it’s a pretty mental story. what an awesome polite dude! at the end of the video he totally thanks everyone that helped him. hope your back is healing well james taylor.

Incredible stunt sees skydiver swap gliders at 6,000ft

A skydiver pulled off a breathtaking stunt when he somersaulted in from the wing of one glider to another – 6,000 ft above the ground at 100 mph.

First he crawled from the cockpit of one glider above the Austrian Alps, then he flipped himself under the wing to land on the second aircraft flying below.

“It was an astonishing feat and even with a parachute it could have gone badly wrong if he’d slipped during the switch,” said one fan after viewing the footage of the stunt on YouTube.

Steiner who was one of the Austrian “Red Bull Skydive” carried out the stunt above the mountains in Styria, Austria.