Website security flaws in SA – shooting the messenger

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Voda­com and Cell-C for han­dling these two flaws so excel­lently. No sur­prise that City of Joburg and San­ral would han­dle their issues the ways that they did. Pathetic and typical.

Web­site secu­rity flaws in SA – shoot­ing the mes­sen­ger.

Facebook Agrees To Buy WhatsApp For A Staggering $19 Billion

This is ridiculous!

Face­book Agrees To Buy What­sApp For A Stag­ger­ing $19 Bil­lion.

Judges Poised to Hand U.S. Spies the Keys to the Internet

Shit… how uncool is this?!

Judges Poised to Hand U.S. Spies the Keys to the Inter­net | Threat Level |

The U.S. Crackdown on Hackers Is Our New War on Drugs

+1, totally!!

The U.S. Crack­down on Hack­ers Is Our New War on Drugs | Wired Opin­ion |

Fastest broadband speed in the world

Always a Good Thing™!

Fastest broad­band speed in the world.

Sheep Marketplace scam reveals everything that’s wrong with the Deep Web

These Deep Web sto­ries never cease to amaze me!

The Daily Dot — Sheep Mar­ket­place scam reveals every­thing that’s wrong with the Deep Web.

New hallucinogenic drug 25B-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe led to South Australian man’s bizarre death

This is pretty crazy man!

New hal­lu­cino­genic drug 25B-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe led to South Aus­tralian man’s bizarre death | The Adver­tiser.

U.S. 4x400M Runner Finishes Olympic Relay After Breaking Leg

This is pretty incred­i­ble but totally what you’d expect from some­body like him :)

Man­teo Mitchell Bro­ken Leg: U.S. 4x400M Run­ner Fin­ishes Olympic Relay After Break­ing Leg.

Scripted setting of users passwords; RHEL/CentOS and now Ubuntu/Debian/others too

I’ve been set­ting users pass­words suc­cess­fully on CentOS/RHEL from within my kick­starts, using entries like this:

echo p4ssw0rd | passwd --stdin username

… how­ever, that unfor­tu­nately doesn’t work on at least Ubuntu (and pos­si­bly many other dis­tros as well).

Now — finally — and thanks to this com­ment, I have an answer; and it looks some­thing like this:

echo username:password | chpasswd

FBI track Anonymous hacker using his girlfriend’s boobs

Funny. And they’re quite nice boobs too! :)

FBI track Anony­mous hacker using his girlfriend’s boobs..

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